Outdoor Adventures

The Upper Buffalo River offers a multitude of opportunities for adventure! The Upper Buffalo Mountain Bike Trail offers about 40 miles of singletrack surrounding the highest point in the Ozark Mountains. For rock climbing enthusiasts, nestled among the hardwood Ozark hills lies rock of such quality and scale it is easy to dismiss without seeing first hand. Or if you want to rise above it all, the Buffalo River Canopy Tour zip line takes you through an Ozark Mountain hardwood forest, and takes about two hours to complete.

Mountain Bike Trails

The Upper Buffalo Mountain Bike Trail is extremely remote and offers stunning scenery past steep cliffs, turquoise waterfalls, abundant wildlife and old-growth hardwood forests.

Rock Climbing

For rock-climbing enthusiasts, most of the quality Arkansas rock climbing and bouldering is in the western and northern regions of the state. Read more about rock climbing in the region at arkansas.com.